Announcing a new book series from Duke University Press, edited by Kellie Jones (Columbia) and Steven Nelson (UCLA)

"The Visual Arts of Africa and its Diasporas" showcases and brings together the path-breaking approaches to the study of the multifaceted and multilocated arts and architecture produced by peoples of African descent worldwide. Featuring original research, new methods, and the latest developments in these areas of inquiry, this series seeks to foster new conversations that include scholars, curators, and artists. To this end, it invites projects that expand our knowledge of the arts of peoples of African descent in a larger global context and broader artistic worlds, it welcomes work that brings to the fore areas that have been previously overlooked, and it encourages pursuits that rethink the visual arts of these transnational worlds, the contexts in which they exist, and the institutions that attend to them.

We welcome your projects. Information on how to submit materials to Duke University Press can be found here: